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Updated: Jun 13, 2022

The Boss Palace Honest Review


We've all heard of The Boss Palace and have seen them all over Instagram offering wholesale vendor lists that they sell. The question is, are they legit? They've made Millions online selling vendor lists and many other items, but can you trust who they are as a business?

The answer is: YES, the boss palace is legit, BUT they're selling their vendor lists that are very OVERPRICED. For example, they would charge you $299; you can buy at PLR Hustle for around $109. This wholesale vendor list has more than 3000 vendors at a fraction of the price.

PLR Hustle not only sells you the wholesale vendor list at a discount price, BUT you also get legal permission to RESELL the vendor list as your own. It's called Private Label Rights. When you private label one of our vendor's lists, you can do it for only $109. Let's say you want to resell the list to 10 of your Instagram followers; well, you've turned your $109 investment into more than $1000 by merely spreading the word about something great.

The Boss Palace has our support for being a black-owned business, but many things we've heard haven't been so good. When it's all said and done, the goal is to save more money and make it at the same time if you can. When you purchase from PLR Hustle, that's exactly what you'll get. An opportunity to access your vendor list & make money as well.

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