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The Perfect Side Hustle: How Stay-at-Home Moms Can Benefit from Selling PLR Products

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Being a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) is a full-time job itself from the 24/7 cleaning, cooking, and caring for your children. Many SAHMs enjoy the housework and nurturing of their families day in and day out and don't aspire to do anything more. However, there are some multitasking SAHMs who would love to bring in some extra income for their families.

Aside from having disposable income, an additional income for SAHMs is sometimes crucial. Here are the benefits of SAHMs having a side hustle:

Unexpected expenses: This could be anything from a broken washing machine, your child's school fundraiser, to new cheerleading uniforms for your daughter. There's nothing worse than extra expenses popping up and having no idea where the money will come from.

Paying off debt: So many families have credit card debt, student loans, medical bills, and more. Wouldn't it be nice to have extra income so that you could put it towards becoming debt free?

Saving for vacation: While many families vacation every year, some families aren't afforded that opportunity due to tight budgets. A side hustle can help you save towards a family vacation.

Getting ahead on bills: Whether you're a single SAHM or you have a husband that works, having extra income can help you get ahead on bills. You can tackle those bills that have outstanding balances or pay several bills up for a few months.

Date nights: Having extra income can allow you and your spouse to pay a sitter so that you all can get out for date nights a couple of times a month.

Paying for help: SAMHs usually take care of everything around the house. Extra income can allow you to free up some of your time by hiring out for some of the more tedious tasks. You could start ordering your groceries or paying for a laundry service. This can enable you to spend more time with your children instead of doing chores.

Many times, SAHMs feel it's impossible to earn an income from home, but that couldn't be further from the truth. For SAHMs, it's not always easy finding time to dedicate towards building a sustainable income, that is why it's important to find a low maintenance side hustle, such as selling PLR products. This blog post will share all the ways moms can benefit from selling PLR products and how to get started today.

What are PLR products?

PLR products are done-for-you, ready-to-sell digital products that you don't have to create yourself. PLR stands for Private Label Rights, which gives you the rights to purchase and sell PLR products as your own. Once you purchase a PLR product from PLR Hustle, you'll be given the license that allows you to rebrand and resell the product. You are not allowed to resell the rights to the products, though.

Once purchased, certain PLR products, such as eBooks and templates, can be edited and rebranded to your liking which allows you to add your own unique touch.

PLR products are ideal for stay-at-home moms because they are ready to sell, low maintenance, and affordable.

Types of PLR products

There are an abundance of PLR products out on the market, from PLR articles to PLR planners. The most popular type of PLR product is eBooks. Here at PLR Hustle, we have over 700 different types of PLR products for sale, and new products are always being added. Here are the different types of PLR products available at PLR Hustle:

  • Blogs (Done-for-you! Not to be resold)

  • Calendars

  • Coloring books

  • Courses

  • Digital art prints

  • eBooks

  • Pinterest templates

Choose from any of these PLR products to start selling now to be well on your way to creating the perfect side hustle.

How can PLR products benefit stay-at-home moms?

PLR products are ideal for SAHMs because many times, they are struggling to find time to do anything. Because SAHMs are consumed by househould chores, errands, carpool, kid's sports, and more, they don't have a lot of time to spend learning how to create products or the time to actually create them.

Because PLR products are done-for-you and ready to sell, SAMHs can get started quickly and easily. Aside from PLR products being ready-made, here are some other ways that PLR products benefit SAHMs:

Affordable: Since SAMHs usually don't have a lot of disposable income, PLR products are ideal because they are so affordable. Most PLR products on PLR Hustle are under $50, and many PLR eBooks are priced under $10, which means that SAHMs can get started for less than the cost of diapers.

No inventory: Since customers receive their products digitally via email, there's no holding of any inventory. You simply upload your digital files to your online store and that's it. You don't have to worry about housing space for a ton of product.

No shipping: SAHMs are already super busy, so they don't have time to ship out tons of products daily. The amazing thing about selling PLR products is they are digital downloads so there's no shipping of anything. Customers receive their items via email.

Passive income: We all aspire to build passive income streams. Passive income is money that's made with little to no work to earn or maintain. There's no better way of earning passive income than with digital products. Once you list your PLR products for sale online, you can earn all day, everyday. So, you can earn money while you're feeding the baby, washing dishes, cooking dinner, or at your child's soccer practice. How amazing is that?

Unlimited income potential: Since there isn't a lot of overhead costs and you can get started with such a low investment, you have unlimited income potential. Once your PLR products start selling, you can use the profits to purchase more products and scale faster.

Low maintenance: Selling PLR products is super low maintenance since you list your products once and can earn from them over and over again. You don't have to do anything else, which affords you the time to tend to housework and the kids.

How to choose PLR products to sell

When it comes to choosing what PLR products you want to sell, you should keep these three things in mind:

1. Your interests: What are you interested in? This is a good way to figure out what kind of PLR products you want to sell. Also, think about what you'd enjoy talking about. If you choose products that you're interested in and would enjoy, it will make putting your products out there easier for you.

2. Your niche: Do you have a niche? If so, your niche can determine what types of PLR products you are going to sell. If you don't have a niche, now would be a good time to choose one. It's important not to choose a niche that is super competitive because if there are thousands of others in the space selling the same types of products, it could be difficult for you to compete.

PLR Hustle has plenty of best-selling PLR products in a wide range of niches:

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Business

  • Education

  • Food & Drink

  • Health

  • Home & Garden

  • Mind, Body, and Spirit

  • Personal Development

  • Religion

  • Romance

  • Science

  • Self-help

  • Technology

  • Travel

3. How you'll be marketing your products: It's important to think about how you'll market your products when choosing what PLR products you want to sell. That's because different marketing techniques are best for different products. We'll discuss how to market your PLR products a little later.

Getting started with PLR products

It is super simple to get started selling PLR products. The first thing you want to do is go to PLR Hustle and choose your PLR product(s). Once you purchase your first PLR product, you'll receive full resell rights allowing you to rebrand and resell over and over again.

If you do want to rebrand your PLR product, websites like Canva and Sejda can help you customize your PLR eBooks.

Once you've got your PLR product and you're ready to sell, you need to set up your online store. The best platform for selling digital products is Sellfy. After you list your PLR product and set a price, you don't have to do anything else because Sellfy will take care of the rest.

Whenever a customer comes to your online store and makes a purchase, you will receive payment and the customer will receive their digital download via email. How simple is that?

How to sell your PLR products

Once you've gotten your PLR products listed on your online store, now it's time to decide how you want to market your products. How you market heavily depends on the types of PLR products you're offering. The best ways of promoting your PLR products are:

  • Social media: Marketing your PLR products via social media is one of the best, free ways of getting your products out there. To market your PLR products on social media, you need to start creating content. So, choose a platform and commit to posting two to three times per day with a link to your online store. If you're consistent, you should start to gain followers and start making some sales.

  • Influencer marketing: Influencer marketing is one of the best forms of marketing today. Everyone follows an influencer that they love and because they love them, they trust their recommendations. That is why promoting your product with an influencer is such a good idea. You'll pay influencers in your chosen niche to promote your PLR products for you and in return, you can gain followers as well as sales.

  • Pinterest marketing: Pinterest is a beast when it comes to promoting your PLR products. Post attractive pins for your PLR products to Pinterest and when they get repinned, that will be more eyeballs on your products.

  • Blogging: Contrary to what most believe, blogging is not dead. Just think.. you are reading this blog post, right!? Well, another great way of marketing your PLR products is by creating a blog, putting out valuable blog content, and linking to your PLR products throughout the blog posts.

  • Groups and discussion boards: SAHMs are usually a member of tons of Facebook groups and discussion boards, so you're probably familiar with how they work. If you're a member of online groups and discussion boards in your niche, start joining in on the conversation. Provide value and leave the links to your PLR products.

  • Paid ads: If you have money to spend, paying for ads is the way to go. You can utilize Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Pinterest Ads to get your PLR products in front of hundreds of thousands of new faces.

  • Email marketing: If you have an email list, you can start sending out newsletters about your PLR products and watch the sales roll in. If you don't have an established list, you can purchase email blasts from others with an audience in your niche. It's always a good idea to start building an email list right away when you have anything for sale.

  • Giveaways: Sometimes you have to give away things in order to see a return. You could give away a freebie and include links to purchase your PLR products. This is a great way to build trust and get people to buy from you.

When it comes to marketing, many people tend to become overwhelmed and they quit before they've even really gotten started. There's so many ways to get your PLR products out there in front of the right eyeballs, but you need to choose one marketing method to start out. Choose one way of marketing your PLR products, be consistent, and then once you've mastered that one, you can move on to other methods.

Final thoughts

As you can see, selling PLR products is the perfect side hustle for stay-at-home moms. Whether you're wanting to pay off debt, save for family vacations, or just have a little cushion, you're afforded the ability to be home with your children while making extra money for your family. You literally get the best of both worlds. Now what's stopping you from making this your reality? The first step in getting started is licensing your first PLR product from PLR Hustle.

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