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Internet Marketing For Newbies Unleashed

Internet Marketing For Newbies Unleashed


There are two main approaches to internet marketing. One of them works. The problem is that the vast majority of people who start will get the wrong advice, and they’re going to start with the other type of internet marketing.

Just take a look at one of the big marketing forums like Black Hat World or Warrior Forum, and you will quickly learn the predominant attitude toward internet marketing. Many people view this as a system that can be hacked, as something that you can win at through sheer volume and spam. And that’s what results in some very low-quality websites making their way onto the web. You will have encountered the sort.

These are the sites that are covered in adverts and that are shameless about promoting affiliate products. These are the sites that are filled with near-illegible writing, written in pidgin English, and filled with repetitive keywords. These are the sites that don’t have any brand to speak of but rather just a title that also happens to be the keyword. This is not how you want to do internet marketing. This eBook is going to teach you the right way.

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