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Product Launching

Product Launching


So, what does every guru online tell you to do if you want to grow your internet marketing business? Give away lead magnets to freebie-seekers; build your list—and market affiliate products to them. We’ve all heard it. And you know what? That strategy worked. Back in 2012...

The problem is, it doesn’t work anymore. Nowadays, freebie-seekers have secondary “junk” email accounts that they reserve for collecting lead magnets, but otherwise, they never log in to them. Your emails are going to inboxes where they are left untouched, floating in a sea of thousands of other marketing emails.

This, combined with the fact that many people even use fake email addresses, has led to such severely low email open rates throughout the industry. And not only does a list of freebie-seekers rarely open your emails, but the few of them that do will rarely buy anything. Why? Because they’re freebie-seekers! This ebook is going to show you how to launch a digital product to right way!